The Yoga Sessions


We believe that EVERY day of your life is a gift. We believe in INSPIRING & EMPOWERING you to appreciate that gift and to live your BEST LIFE NOW. We also happen to teach YOGA and MEDITATION. Ready to join us? X

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Welcome beautiful!

My name is Angelique de Gruchy and this is The Yoga Sessions.

A business that was initially created to simply blend my love for yoga with my love for music, The Yoga Sessions has evolved into a platform for INSPIRING & EMPOWERING amazing people like you, to live their BEST LIFE through tools like yoga, meditation, positive psychology and essential oils. 

My intention is to remind you that every day of your life is a gift. That you have the POWER to create the life of your dreams and that there is more beauty in collaboration than in competition.

See you on the mat,


AKA - the divine light in me honours the divine light in you and in from this space, we are one.

Angelique has been practicing yoga and mindfulness for nearly 20 years and is the third generation in her family to teach the ancient art.

With a deep passion for both yoga & music, she carefully fuses the two by crafting exclusive & seamless soundtracks to build the flow & enhance the energy within a session. 

A natural teacher, Angelique has the ability to delicately weave elements of yoga asana & philosophy, alongside mindfulness, creative visualisation & positive psychology to inspire & empower yogis to LIVE their BEST life both on and off the mat.

With an extensive background in Yoga (RYT500 - Vanessa Rudge, Michael Daly & Shiva Rea), Remedial Massage Therapy (Dip Rem Mass) and Creative Arts (BCA), Angelique is sure to guide you through an inspiring & empowering flow.


Angelique de Gruchy, Founder