The Yoga Sessions


We believe that EVERY day of your life is a gift. We believe in INSPIRING & EMPOWERING you to appreciate that gift and to live your BEST LIFE NOW. We also happen to teach YOGA and MEDITATION. Ready to join us? X

Welcome beautiful!

I'm Angelique de Gruchy and this is The Yoga Sessions. 

Lets see what my students say!

Picture by Sunshine Coast Yoga Fest

Picture by Sunshine Coast Yoga Fest

I don’t like, I LOVE your classes. I feel absolutely inspired, relaxed and ready for the day. I want more time to attend more of your classes.
— Michelle B.
Thoroughly enjoy yoga with Angelique, she is very knowledgeable and professional. Thanks.
— Sarah Latham
After a long break from yoga I have been attending Angelique’s yoga classes. She brings to these classes a perfect mix of precision and clarity that encourages while instructing, allowing participants to work at their own unique level. I highly recommend these classes.
— Maureen Douglas-Holland
Angelique, thank you for the yoga class today. My husband and I have a business where we have been very stressed. tears almost fell at the end of session. Yoga has to be a part of my life now, it is so right for me.
— Debra Telkes
Being new to yoga, Angelique has really made me feel comfortable and I always look forward to my class. It’s a great way to end my otherwise hectic week.
— Stephanie Ford
Yoga to me is self care, hooking into positive mantras, stretching and strengthening my body and sharing a beautiful space with other lovely souls each week.
— Jodi-Ann Goulter
Yoga is my time to relax, grow, challenge and bliss out! It leaves me feeling like I just massaged my insides and out! It’s magic!
— Anonymous
Angelique makes yoga fun. I have a smile on my face even in the most challenging poses! Her way with words and help in gaining the most for your body is exhilarating.
— Will
Yoga keeps me grounded and clear about my life’s intention. I love the time to turn inwards and calm my mind.
— Ash Cairney
My yoga practice balances my body, mind and energy helping me to become responsible for my own flow as well as my effect on my environment. Thank you.
— Jenni C.
Brings calm centred patience.
— Anonymous
Yoga & Essential Oils was life changing. Truly this has woken something magical inside me. I’m so grateful. First time doing yoga, now I’m addicted. Thank you endlessly.
— Sophie
Yoga & Essential Oils was absolute bliss... the PERFECT way to spend a Sunday morning.
— Anonymous
Thank you Angelique, I loved every minute, especially the meditation. I feel amazing now.
— Beth Lewis
Thanks Angelique, your voice guides your sessions so well. You humour and lightness allows yoga to be healing but fun.
— Anonymous