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We believe that EVERY day of your life is a gift. We believe in INSPIRING & EMPOWERING you to appreciate that gift and to live your BEST LIFE NOW. We also happen to teach YOGA and MEDITATION. Ready to join us? X

Yoga & Essential Oils

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Yoga & Essential Oils


Sunday 10th March | 10am - 12pm | Tickets $35.00 AUD at the door.

Life is BUSY and sometimes you just need to create a little more time and space to UNWIND. A little more YOU TIME. Time to LET GO and RELAX.

Yoga & Essential Oils is designed to give you just that. Time and space to RELAX and UNRAVEL. Two whole hours, to unplug, to breathe and to be still.  

Our morning begins with a relaxing essential oil infused pranayama (breathing technique) practice. This ancient balancing technique, instantly begins to stabilise and refine the breath, calming the nervous system and switching on the body's relaxation response.

Following this, we explore some mindful movement and yoga asana. The practice is unique to each individual and you’ll be offered both gentle and stronger variations to select from, depending on your energy levels on the day.

Extended Savasana or relaxation, deepens the parasympathetic response and a scented scalp massage begins to prepare the mind for guided meditation.  

We seal our practice with an aromatically anchored ahimsa meditation to cultivate compassion and kindness towards both ourselves and others.

Whether your a committed yogi or your stepping onto the mat for the first time, you will feel completely supported and nurtured in this gorgeous offering.

You will have the opportunity to practice incorporating doTERRA Essential Oils into your Yoga Practice. You will be mesmerised by the potency of these gorgeous gifts of the earth. All oils provided.

"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein

See what others are saying

“Absoulute bliss… the PERFECT way to spend a Sunday morning!!! xxx”

- E. Weith

“Life changing. Truly. This has woken something magical inside me. I’m so grateful! First time doing yoga, now I’m addicted. Thank you endlessly xx”

- S. Lewis

“Thank you Angelique, I loved every minute, especially the meditation. I hope to see you for the next one. I feel amazing now. Thanks for the oil.”

- B. Lewis

“Thanks Angelique, your voice guides your sessions so well. Your humour and lightness allows yoga practice to be healing but fun xx”

- P. Graff

 Sunday 10th March | 10am -12pm | Being Yoga, Maroochydore |

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$35 at the door