The Yoga Sessions


We believe that EVERY day of your life is a gift. We believe in INSPIRING & EMPOWERING you to appreciate that gift and to live your BEST LIFE NOW. We also happen to teach YOGA and MEDITATION. Ready to join us? X

Group Classes

Picture by Sunshine Coast Yoga Fest

Picture by Sunshine Coast Yoga Fest

Monday         | Slow Flow | 60 minutes | 9 15am at Being Yoga, Maroochydore |

Tuesday        | Yoga | 60 minutes | 9 15am at Fresh Holistic Health, Forest Glen |

Wednesday | Slow Flow Meditation | 60  minutes | 9 15am at Being Yoga, Maroochydore |

Friday            | Gentle Yoga | 60 minutes | 9 15am at Fresh Holistic Health, Forest Glen |

Group Class Descriptions

Slow Flow | Slow it down, breathe, move and open your body with a range of traditional yoga postures and relaxation. Suitable for beginners and pregnancy.

Yoga | This is an open level yoga class, which is flowing, dynamic and at times energetic. This class incorporates traditional yoga poses, breathing techniques, strength building, stretching and relaxation. Adaptable for all fitness levels.

Slow Flow Meditation | In this class you first move your body with a slow yoga flow practice followed by a deep yoga nidra guided relaxation and mindfulness meditation.

Gentle Yoga | This class is held in a slower pace and focuses on stretching all areas of the body while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. It is suited to anyone who is either new to yoga or who wants a nice workout for body and mind without pushing it too far.

I enjoy the physical and mental wellbeing during a yoga session. Angelique guides you through an experience of strengthening and stretching. In a few short weeks you will feel the difference. I appreciate her expertise, mental challenges and wonderful teachings.
— Jenni, C.

Individual Classes

Picture by Shelleyceramics

Picture by Shelleyceramics

Develop Your Home Practice Package  | Three Individual Customised Sessions | $270 |

Tailor Your Studio Practice Package      | Three Individual Customised Sessions | $270 |

Develop Your Home Practice |

A one on one with Angelique offers a truly professional approach to understanding this ancient practice of yoga both physically and mentally.
— Caroline, A.